Is Islam an Abrahamic Faith? (Simple Answer)

Here is yet another contradiction taught by Muslims. Islam claims that it is an Abrahamic faith, and yet Muslims are constantly demanding to know why Christians do not keep the Mosaic Law, which is the Law God gave to Moses as part of His Covenant with Israel. Abraham never lived under the Mosaic Law and yet Muslims repeatedly chide Christians for not putting themselves under the Law given to Moses, all while these same Muslims continue to claim that Islam is an Abrahamic faith. But here is what Moses tells us about Abraham's faith:
6 Then Abram believed Yahweh, and that faith was regarded as the basis of Abram’s approval by Yahweh.
Genesis 15, Names of God Bible  
Abraham did not have Moses' Torah to live by. All he did was to put his faith in Yahweh and God was pleased. Abraham lived by faith in Yahweh, not in the works of the Law which had yet to be given, or by any commandments which would be made up by Muhammad 2,400 years later. This God-pleasing faith is the same faith which has been shared by believing Jews and Christians for the thousands of years since Abraham, our father in faith. Since Muslims do not believe as Abraham did, and since they reject the books written by the Abrahamic prophets as corrupted, if Muslims wanted to be honest, why not just finally let go of the false claim that theirs is an Abrahamic faith?

Jesus is LORD!

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