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The Name It and Claim It Religion?

Day in and day out, Muslims keep asking Christians, "Where in the Bible is the word 'Bible?' Where in the Bible does God call you 'Christians?' Where in the Bible is the word 'Christianity?'"

  These questions all presuppose that such laws actually exist in the Bible, and so we would like to ask our Muslim friends... 

  where in the entire Bible of both Old and New Testaments does Yahweh God ever say:

  1) the Messiah will not be proven to be God unless He first claims that, "I am God. Worship Me?"

  2) His followers are not His followers if He does not first call them by a certain name?

  3) His Book is not His Book unless He has first given it a name? 

  4) the noun referring to the practice of following Him must also be named by Him?

  5) the Triune Godhead does not exist unless God first names it in His Book as "The Trinity?"

  We have shown many times that Yahweh never sent Muhammad and that therefore there is no connection between …