The Religion of Circularity?

  Here's another question for our Muslim friends... 

  What if someone were to announce the following?
  "The Holy, Eternal and Official Book of Circles 7:11 says,
  'There is no god but Circulo. Joker Naik is His prophet, and Muhammad is not. I hereby declare that much of the Quran is corrupt, and only that which agrees with My Wholly Noble Book of Circles is correct!'"
  So an offended Muslim would shout and say (in all caps, of course),
  "You blaspheme our holy prophet (who the Quran never calls holy)! You are wrong! Where is your evidence?"
  Well, Circular Reasoning would say, "Here is the proof. It comes from the Holy Book of Circles 13:648, which says,
  'Lo, as I told you before but you weren't listening, there is no god but Circulo, Joker Naik is His prophet and Muhammad is still not one of His messengers.'"
  So the Muslim would say,
  "That is unfair! You cannot use the Book of Circles as evidence since you have never proven that Circulo is God or that Joker is his prophet!"
  And the Circular Reasoning response (most often used by Muslims as well) would be:
  "Oh, yes we have! The Book of Circles 492:5 says,
  'Lo, o Joker Naik! For you are My prophet. And I have sent thee My angel Faker Deedat and given thee the Book of Circles and officially named it 'The Book of Circles.'
  And I do hereby name My religion 'Circularity.'
  And Lo, from henceforth, all My followers will be called 'Circulars.'
  And Lo, as a reward, My Circulars will go around and around forever in My Paradise of Circularity.
  And Lo, everyone who is not a Circular deserves to die a horrible death because they have rejected My Circularity.
  So heed thou My prophet Joker and Return to My Circularity now before I throw thee into Hell for the infidel thou art. There. The fact that I said it and put it down in a book makes it all true!'"
  (Note: using the words "thee" and "thou" instead of "you" makes your beliefs sound more religious and true-sounding. You always want to use words that make your religion sound official when its factual foundations are weak, you see)
  To this the still-offended Muslim would respond by saying,
  "That's ridiculous! You can't make claims based on a book you wrote after the first ones were written and then claim to correct the earlier ones! Have you never heard of the Law of First Mention? You cannot write a new book and claim all the previous ones were in error and must match your new one. That's unfair. It is the book which comes after which must prove that it aligns perfectly with the ones written earlier!"
  To which the Christians would say,
  "Our point exactly." 

Jesus is Lord!
Disclaimer: The above is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.  


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