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Jesus, The One and Only Son

Some Muslims who are unfamiliar with the Bible claim that whenever the Divine Title Son of God is applied to Jesus, it really doesn't mean anything because Jesus is just one of very many of God's sons and daughters in the Bible.

  But those who have read and studied the Bible know that this claim  just cannot stand up to scrutiny. The Scriptural text is abundantly clear in the distinctions it makes in its pages for the Christ, Who is over and above all else in creation.

  Not once in the entire Bible is Jesus addressed as "one of God's sons." Never as "a son of God," but instead as "the Son of God." For those who don't understand the difference between using "a" and "the" in this phrase, a quick grammar lesson may be helpful:

  Placement of the definite article "the" before the title "Son of God" makes the noun "Son" specific to Jesus. There is no other "Son of God."

  To demonstrat…