"Now is the Time to Wake Up" (the ABN SAT Marathon) on YouTube

  To avoid having everyone scoot here and there searching for the links, we've created this post to keep track of all the shows in this latest marathon of "Jesus or Muhammad?" shows on apologetics to Islam.

  The shows are alternately hosted by Dr. David Wood, CL Edwards, and Chris Conway, with guests Anthony Rogers, Matt Slick, Farhan Qureshi, Dr. Bill Warner, Ptr. Joseph Najm, and Osama Dakdok.

  Apologetics Saves Lives, Part One 

  David Wood and CL Edwards host and discuss the lack of understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine by an American convert to Islam and jihadi who beheaded a former co-worker. Ptr Joseph Najm pops in a couple of times, and they take call-in questions towards the end of the show


  Apologetics Saves Lives, Part Two 

  Chris Conway and David Wood continue the discussion and are joined, first by Matt Slick of carm.org and later, by Anthony Rogers of AnsweringIslam and AnsweringMuslims (see ministry links below)


  How Should We Confront the Islamic Challenge? 

  David Wood in a friendly discussion with former Muslim apologist and now agnostic Farhan Qureshi about how to deal with the problem of Islam


  Why Are Women Converting To Islam? 

  David Wood and Chris Conway host.


  The Myth of the Tiny Minority 

  David Wood and CL Edwards host. Their guest is Dr. Bill Warner.


  The Bible and The Qur'an 

  Matt Slick joins David and Chris Conway to discuss the holy books of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. 


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