A Third Look at the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) Apologetics Study Bible

  It's been several months now since I first laid hands on the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) Apologetics Study Bible and I have a confession to make... 

  My name is Mari, and I'm a Bible Addict. 

  You know how some people read their Bibles in bed and fall asleep 30 seconds later? 

  Not me. 

  I read the Bible and it wakes me up! 

  I read the Word and my mind starts racing. My heart starts beating faster in anticipation of a new discovery, a new revelation of a truth that's been in this Book for 2,000 years but which I have never grasped before. I had heard that, the more time you spend in the Word, the more you get out of it. Well, now I know that it's true. 

  And that is the addictive part of it. Having your spiritual eyes opened to the truth of God's Word and the reality of His indwelling Presence is an exhilarating and refreshing experience. Hence the desire to keep diving into the Bible for more.

  And this Bible isn't helping my "addiction" any. Not that it's a bad habit to have, of course. If more of us would spend more fruitful time in the Word, this world would be a far better place! Which reminds me that that is one of the goals of this particular Bible: to work on the "more of us" part. 

Holman Christian Standard Bible Apologetics Study Bible

  The apologetics-oriented notes at the bottom of almost every page cover most of the questions Christians hear from not-yet-believers or other students of the Bible and they can become quite engrossing. There is just such a wealth of information that is available to today's Christians that it can all become overwhelming. But the editors of this Study Bible have managed to keep the notes concise, while responding more than adequately to the issue/s raised by the passage or verse.

  Certainly, one can get tempted to depend solely on the notes provided rather than to dig through the text for yourself, but that is where personal study habits and self-discipline kick in. It is so much more rewarding when you take the time to really study the text until you can fully understand why it is the scholars have arrived at their positions. Once you've processed all the particulars, it is more likely to become a part of you than memorizing pat responses. After all, this is not any ordinary book. Not just another piece of literature. 

  There is always so much more to learn, so much more to discover one can only wish that many, many more Christians would get into the Word more. Can this Bible help you do that? Absolutely. But it will also help you to reach others with the Gospel by putting the wisdom of our more apologetically-minded brethren within easy reach. 

  I do have two wishes for this Bible, though. First would be for a red letter version (yes, I know. Lazy me!), and the second would be for input in the notes from some other great and well-respected minds in the world of Christian Apologetics today: Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. James White, Dr. David Wood, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi and Sam Shamoun. Perhaps Holman can consider that for a future version. 

  But wish list aside, this is a great version and an excellent Study Bible. Two thumbs up, Holman and Lifeway! 


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