The Napkin Religion

  This picture expresses quite clearly the problem that Muslims have in terms of the basis of their beliefs. Muslims generally employ what is called Circular Reasoning to make their argument for Islam.

  They say, "I believe in Islam because the Quran is the word of God."

  But why do they believe it is the word of God?

  Because Muhammad told them so in the Quran.

  But how do they know that Muhammad is right?

  Because the Quran tells them so.

  Now wait a minute.

  The information about Muhammad and his teachings comes from the Quran...

  which comes from Muhammad. 

  It would be like the accused who's standing trial confirming his own alibi while also acting as the judge.   

  Do you see the problem now?

  The guy who made the claims also wrote the book that confirmed his own claims. And then he traps them in fear inside his religion by demanding that they never question his "revelations" because "Allah" will punish them if they do.

  The verification of a truth cannot come from the same man who made the claim. That is called the fallacy of Circular Logic.

  The Bible, on the other hand, has multiple sources through which Jews and Christians can confirm that it is the Word of God. God never threatens Jews or Christians or tells them not to search for confirmation of His Word. Instead He challenges them to check His track record through the millennia and examine His claims to prove Him true. 

  And He is. 

  Time and time again, YHWH has proven His Word to be exactly right.

  To examine the basis for Christian beliefs as compared to Islam's, click on the link below:


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