Who Wrote Most of the New Testament?

 Is the claim correct that Paul wrote most of the New Testament?
  Critics make this claim to try and support their assertion that Paul somehow hijacked Christianity away from the Mosaic Law and into his own "grace theology." But the answer about who wrote most of the NT is easy enough to come to. All we have to do is the math.

  The information used below comes from the oldest sources we have: the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. As you may know, the authors of the NT wrote in Koine Greek, which was the lingua franca of their day. The word numbers may vary slightly from source to source, but these are not going to change our final results.

  So who are our Top Three writers?

  The New Testament has a total of 138,020 Greek words in the Analytical Greek New Testament (AGNT). 

  Of those 138,020 words, the most prolific writers of the New Testament were:

  Author  Books                 # of Words      % of NT   

  Luke    Gospel of Luke        37,933          27% 

  Paul     Romans                  32,407          23%
              1 Corinthians
              2 Corinthians
              1 Thessalonians
              2 Thessalonians
              1 Timothy
              2 Timothy

  John    Gospel of John         28,092           20%
              1 John
              2 John
              3 John

  While Paul may have written the most epistles, he did not produce as much volume as did Luke the evangelist.


  Other NT facts:
    Gospel of Matthew       18,345 words
    Gospel of Mark            11,304 words
    Gospel of Luke            19,482 words
    Gospel of John            15,635 words

               For a total of    64,766 words

  The four Gospels which tell us about the life and words of Jesus comprise almost 47% of the New Testament. 

  The next largest book after that is Luke's Book of the Acts of the Apostles, with 18,451 words, or 13% of the New Testament.

  After Acts comes the Book of Revelation, which contains what many Christians consider yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecy in the New Testament. Revelation has 9,852 words, or about 7% of the NT.

  The longest epistle is Paul's letter to the Romans, with 7,111 words, while the shortest is John's epistle of 3 John, with 219.


  The only website I found with a list of the number of words in the Greek New Testament was this one. The data is based on the Analytical Greek New Testament (AGNT):



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