My Sura Like It

  In response to criticism of his Quran, Muhammad issued this challenge:

  "And if you are in doubt as to which We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a sura like it, and call on your helper, besides Allah, if you are truthful." Sura 2:23 

  So I took a few minutes to try my hand at it, and I came up with this:  

  Say, o Muslim! Have I not revealed Myself to thee in multiple Persons, even in the Days of Abraham and Moses and the Prophets? 

  Say, o Muslim! Did I not appear to Abram and Sarai in the form of a man and speak with them outside their tent, and even partake with them of a meal most delicious? 

  Say, o Muslim! Only Hell-fire and punishment await those who doubt what I have shown thee in the Torah and the Prophets, and the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and in the epistles written with the pen by those who followed Yeshua. 

  Say, o Muslim! Cease thou from mocking the words of Yeshua, and follow Him, for it is He Who has come to thee, to deliver thee, to save thee from thy sins and to bring thee into Paradise eternal! 

  Say, o Muslim! Take thou thy computer and guide thyself to and readest thou for thine own self the Gospel of John from beginning to end! 

  Use thou the mind that I have given thee from the day thou came upon this earth, for that is the purpose for which I have given it thee.

  And hasten to do the bidding of thy Lord Yeshua, and question thou not the People of the Book with unknowing questions from AnsweringChristianity! 

  For AC is the way of the AntiChrist, and hell-fire is its sole reward!

  To be honest, it wasn't very hard. 

  For even more "suras like it," in both Arabic and English, 



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