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Now You See Them, Now You Don't?

The Allah of Islam says in his Quran that he "sent down" the Torah and the Injil. But when you quote the Jewish Torah and the Christian Gospels to them, Muslims of today claim that these books no longer exist. 

  So Allah says, "I sent down those books."
  But Muslims say, "They're gone!"

  Their belief is that, somehow, the books that Allah sent are now lost forever. No amount of asking to see Islam's original Torah, Injil and Zabur (psalms) of Allah has ever produced these lost books.

  Which leads us to suggest that perhaps Muslims of today need to update their Quran to reflect what they actually believe. Since they have decided to replace what Allah said with what theythink he meant, then why leave the text in its current state? What is the point in claiming the Quran is Allah's word when you don't believe it says what he wanted in the first place?

  We suggest that the Quran should be revised to more accurately reflect this modern shift …