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Was the Apostle Peter a Coward, As Muslims Claim?

Many Muslims have no problems with taking a single verse from the Gospels and creating entire false narratives out of them. For example, they take this part of a verse:

56 Then all the disciples deserted Him and ran away.
Matthew 26

  ... and turn it into the false teaching that none of the disciples was around to see Jesus tortured, crucified and die (we have covered that claim in a previous article linked to below). But some Muslims also mock the apostles for being cowards who fled Jesus' side when He most needed them, never to be seen again.

  In this post, we will address the allegation that the Lord Jesus' right hand man, the Apostle Peter, totally abandoned Jesus after His arrest and ran away to hide until all was safe once again. We will show that, to those familiar with the Gospels, Peter remained true to form even after the apostles' initial reaction of fleeing the arresting party.

  As happens often when responding to a Muslim who quotes Scriptures to a Christian, a…