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The Word of God Versus the Quran

A guest post by Francis Bacon
  In Islam...

  Muslims believe that the word of Allah has always existed eternally in heaven. It is the uncreated word of God that came from him.

  Then Allah sent it down to earth as a revelation to mankind.

  It was written down in human words and printed on paper so that man can see it, touch it, revere it, read it and understand it.

  What was heavenly became earthly when it was confined on to the pages of a book. What was divine came among humans so that humans can receive it and perceive the words of Allah.

  If the Quran remained in heaven, man would never be able to know the word of Allah. And even though it looked like any other book, it was Allah's book.

  In Christianity...

  Jesus is The Word of God. (John 1:1-3)

  He has always existed eternally in heaven as the divine Word of God. He was one with the Creator, and the uncreated Word of God.

  Then God sent His Word down to earth as a revelation to mankind.

  The Word took o…